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12 Amazing Benefits of Immersive Augmented Reality (AR) Filters for Brand Marketing

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Augmented Reality (AR) is nothing but the Merging of digital and real worlds to provide a tangible, interactive experience. It is achieved when virtual information is overlaid live on a device’s camera, interacting with the physical world. One of the most beneficial and rewarding AR experiences for both brands and customers is the AR filter.

What is an AR Filter/Augmented Reality Filter?

Augmented Reality (AR) filters are an interactive experience where digital assets/img/ are superimposed into the real world. AR Filters work with your device’s front and back camera, adding a layer of imagery in the foreground or background of your image. These effects can improve our perception of real life in an entertaining and educational way.

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Brands like Kylie,Gucci, and Adidas are using AR filters

Why are brands creating custom Instagram AR filters?

When you create a custom AR filter on Instagram, you connect your brand’s name and account to the filter. Anyone who uses your filter or comes into contact with it will see your company information.
These custom filters show the company’s logo, impose its products on your selfie, or put the brand’s characters directly into your photo. These filters effectively put a brand’s assets all over your photos.
When you share your picture using the Instagram AR filters, you are also sharing their brand.
This drives organic traffic.

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Brands like Disney, Maybelline, Gucci, Netflix, Puma, and H&M are just some of the big names utilizing the power of Instagram AR filters for their brand Marketing andcreating their own social AR experiences.

12 Benefits of Branded AR Filters in 2022

The benefits of AR filters for brands are enormous. Here are 12 of the biggest ones

1. AR Filter increases Greater Engagement

There are over 1bn worldwide users on Instagram which makes it the biggest platform for branded Augmented Reality AR Filters. And research shows that people who use AR Filters use them on average for 75 seconds – 4X longer than mobile video

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Example of Engaging AR Filters

2. AR Filters are Budget-Friendly and Cheaper than you think

A brand’s marketing strategy can be an expensive proposition. Budgets for ad buys, video production, audio production, and animation can really add up.
With AR filters, there is far less financial risk in devoting resourcestoward their creation like Static Banners/Video Ads. AR filters tend to be simpler projects than other AR experiences, like AR portals.They also capitalize heavily on user sharing, rather than brands having to pay a lot to get an ad out there.
Their accessibility also gives smaller brands the same opportunities and benefits as bigger brands.

3. Let your Customers‘Try before they Buy’

The use of AR in E-commerce has increased based on the growth of this technology. the most innovative application is the “try before you buy”model. This allows shoppers to virtually “try” products before making a purchase. It’s the closest thing to actually trying them out in a physical location.

AR Filters are getting more dynamic, and fast. Facebook and Instagram update their AR platform and with it – new fancy features.

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Try Before you buy

4. AR Filters improve Brand Loyalty

If you do manage to create AR filters before the competition, you have a huge opportunity.

Due to their engagement, AR filters are designed to leave a lasting memory. Done right, the user will come away from using your filter more educated about your company. Ideally, they are driven to check out your products or services. This leads to more new paying customers.

IPL Promotion AR Filter

5. Social Media Users Engage with Brands

80% of social media users follow at least one company page. This means that people generally like to follow brands they like on social media apps.

This development is encouraging brands to grow their following and advertise directly to customers. After all, if these users didn’t want it, they wouldn’t follow the business’s page.

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Leather Jacket and Sunglasses

6. AR Filter have Trackable Analytics

AR filters have the potential for millions of impressions and shares, and Instagram provides access to detailed analytics enabling you to truly understand your audience.

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AR Filters Performance can be easily Tracked through Insights

7. AR Filters Build Brand Awareness and ReachEspecially through Stories

Once an Instagram story is posted using your AR filter, Billions of users can easily access it for themselves, resulting in the interaction of your brand and page.

Note – Instagram Stories are used by 500M people daily and AR Filters work great in Stories.

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Image showing AR Story Reach to 1M Users

8. 70% better Memory recall

Augmented reality(AR) is an experience, and experiences have better Memory recall.Every experience you have leaves a memory trace, or an engram, on your nervous system. Thus, when you’re working with experiential content like augmented reality, it’s helpful to know how memory works in order to ensure maximum impact and brand resonance.

Brilliant Benefits of Immersive AR Filters

9. AR Filters have Endless Options

Expect to see a lot more of these features coming and the first brands to use them have an advantageous headstart.

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Gamified, Quizzes, Accessories, Rear Cam- World AR and Other AR capabilities available to Brands.

  • Front and back camera effects
  • Face Filters
  • Make-Up Filters
  • Add music and SFX
  • Festival-based Filters
  • Make 3D and 2D objects react to audio
  • Add assets/img/ and videos from your device to the effect
  • Mini-game AR Filters (Truth or Dare, Trivia Questions etc)
  • User interactions (open mouth, head shake, head nod, smile, blink and more)
  • Hand and image target-trackers
  • Try on products (hats, glasses etc)
  • Background effects
  • Real-world effects (placing furniture)
  • Randomisers (Which Disney Character Am I?)

These are just some of the AR capabilities available to brands. And there will be a lot more.

10. AR Filters Brings in Organic Traffic

The power of AR filters rests in their ability to exponentially increase a brand’s exposure in a short period of time. One follower shares the filter and their followers share the filter with their followers. The pattern continues until countless people have seen or used the filter, plastering a brand’s name and social media account all over Instagram.

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AR Filters are a great source to reach your Audience Organically

11. Engaging Content Always Works!

The whole purpose of Instagram AR filters is to create something that people will want to interact with and share.

You want users to follow your brand or visit your Instagram profile once they find your custom filter. Your content has to be interesting enough to make them go through the extra step. Through engaging content, you can drive organic traffic back to your own social media channel and your website.

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Image showing Brands having a good number of Followers using Augmented Reality

12. Brands Having Success with AR Filters In Marketing Is Undeniable

The benefits of a brand creating a custom AR Filter for a brand is now an undeniable opportunity to engage with their fans at the deepest level.

AR Filters is able to bring a memorable customer experience since the sophistication of the technology has brought a new impression that customers never felt before. the 3D try-on feature will enable people to try it from a different angle. Although it seems like virtual things, customers can get a real-life-like experience.

Followers Increasing from 1000 to 1M


Augmented reality is more than just a novelty or a new frontier in Marketing for a Brand. It stands to be one of the driving forces behind sales and marketing innovations over the next decade. Augmented Reality (AR Filters) can easily be integrated into existing Social Media Platforms.

AR Is the PRESENT AND THE FUTURE of media and marketing.

Using AR, forward-looking businesses will be able to upgrade the experience they offer their customers, leading to increased business opportunities and sales.

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