Web/NewsFeed Games

Engaging & experiencing branded games for multiple platforms

What are Microsite/NewsFeed Games?

We create branded games that are extremely interactive, incredibly captivating and completely theme-specific. These experiences can be made into a custom microsite, run on native platforms, appear in social news feeds, or be linked anywhere.

Use Cases

Artboard 1

Custom Experience

Completely Customizable in accordance with the brand's theme and standards

Artboard 2

Multiple Platforms

Independently runs on any web browser or newsfeed, or it can be quickly incorporated using iframe code during the virtual launch.

Artboard 3

Super friendly

All ages may use it easily and simply, and it is responsive to all devices.

Artboard 4

Easy Shareable

A straightforward link that may be shared with everyone or hidden behind a specific QR Code

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Obtain the list of registered users, the click through rate, Shares and more