Social AR Filter

Customised filters for Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat

What is an AR Filter?

Filters for augmented reality (AR) are computer-generated effects (pictures, films, animations, etc.) that can be added to a live camera feed (from the front or back). There are various kinds of AR filters, including those that alter faces, are used in games, quizzes, virtual try-ons, 3D world AR, and segment the background.

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Ways to interact with an AR filter

Selfie Camera

With the aid of an AR filter, your selfie camera is capable of doing everything from applying face stickers to playing gesture-controlled games to simply slipping into a fantasy setting.

Back Camera

AR offers you. Utilize the try-before-you-buy feature provided by your phone's back camera. Any 3D object, such as a car, piece of furniture, a motorcycle, or your favorite celebrity, may be placed in the real world. Anything is conceivable.

Games and Interaction

Do you recall the popular AR game Pokémon Go? The answer is that you can play games in a real-world setting. AR interactive gaming allows you the ability to fly and become a gunner in space, a motorcyclist, or a runner.

How a user can control an AR filter?

Facial Gestures

Hand Gestures

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