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Hosting a New Virtual Event?

Hosting a New Virtual Event?

Hosting a New Virtual Event?

Hosting a New Virtual Event?

Hosting a New Virtual Event?

Making virtual events come alive!

Create your offline events in your desired online venue with Us.

Host a Global Virtual Event, Webinar or AGM from the comfort of your home with just a click away.

We at Techkilla bring you the most advanced Virtual Event platform to make your dream event “live” again with its unparalleled features and security advancements. Whether it’s a Trade show, A virtual Meet or a Product launch, We have covered everything for you in our most advanced and fully customizable virtual event platform.

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Experience the most convenient and interactive virtual event platform

Meeting and greeting with people is an essential part of any event. Unfortunately meeting your favourite people in this pandemic is a challenge but with us you can plan your next meet “virtual yet more real”!

We understand your Needs

Humans by nature are social beings and they feel the need to network. With the help of our creative advancements you can host any event one on one or with thousands of attendees. Have a look upon what we have instore for you

Virtual Product Launch

Plan a Virtual launch of your product or services and reach out to your audience globally. Show a live product or create a 3D showcase of the product with some animation effect, everything is possible with us.

Virtual Conferences

Allow your remote participants, speakers, exhibitors and sponsors to access live onsite meetings, AGMs, summits and other events from their computers even on the other side of the planet.

Hybrid Events

Mixing your live events with Virtual has now become easy. A pre-recorded content or a Live Green room setup, All the content can easily be live streamed to your audience. So your audience can participate and engage with your event, no matter where they are

The ROMI Factor

Your return on marketing investment is what we aim for

Multi coverage tool

Starting from easy registration for attendees to quick on-boarding, exciting virtual activities for smooth activation, collaborative sessions for interest generation to feedback responses to build trust and confidence. It has everything.

Social media and networking

  • Social media integration
  • Digital media campaigns
  • Interesting reward campaigns

Exhibition space and Resource Center

Get your sponsors on board with creative virtual space, personalised branding, 3D product demonstrations, one-on-one or one to many conversations with walking-in customers just like any physical event.

Facilitate product gallery, pre-recorded product videos, downloadable resources such as product documents, presentations, tutorials, flyers, promotion vouchers etc.

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Webinars & Online Seminars

Organise webinars with our most convenient and budget friendly solutions. Combine it with zoom, meet or others and give your guest a touch of customization at every point. Let them interact and Engage happily.

Digital Engagement

Choose from the inventory or customise your own activity With our huge offerings in digital engagement you can keep intact your audience before, throughout and post the session.

Polls, Quizzes and Live Q&A

Give a touch of Polling, Quizzes and Q/A to your audience to increase the engagement and make your event more lively. Pick your own set of questions and throw to the audience to increase Brand Awareness. a live Q/A section will help your audience to get addressed without just getting lost in the crowd.

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Virtual Photo Booth

Bring your attendees together with our Virtual Photobooth section that sets your event apart. Works in three easy steps: Click, Capture & Share in real-time.

Hoot, Clap & Emoji’s

Hooting, clapping and Emotions allows attendees to share their feelings in any event. So, let your audience express their feelings virtually too as it adds more value to a live-stream.

Host your next virtual event from anywhere in the world
Say Hello, to your people and keep your events Alive

Plan, Pictorize and Perform your dream event with our all in one virtual event platform

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Now it’s time for you to host your next virtual event that help you gain a global footprint, generate leads and fast-track your sales growth.

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Techkilla’s Virtual Event Platform
We keep our promises!
Creative design and Branding

Immersive 3D modeling of all rooms including entrance, lobby, auditorium, meeting rooms, experience zones and many more spaces as per your requirements. You can pick from available templates or get it customised as per your brand identity.

Customised features and complete configuration support

Get the complete platform designed and features as per your requirements. We provide complete support to plan, design, configure and go live with a creative and interesting virtual event.

Real-time analytics and reporting

Check crowd analytics, average interaction at a specific space, average watch time, monitor crowd activities, chat logs, resource downloads, feedback and much more.

Most reliable and secure platform

With our enterprise level security protocols and industry compliant data security and user privacy, you can be assured of the highest level of security while your guests are attending the event.

Social media and organic growth

We dwell into your target customer base, understand their behaviour and psychographics to create an experience that gets viral over social media and provide an organic boost via word of mouth.

Marketing and leads generation

We cover all sorts of digital media, social media, email campaigns, SMS reminders and other forms of creative marketing and promotion strategies to make sure your virtual event is a huge


Whether it is Zoom, Vmix, Meet or other existing video conferencing tools. Our platform lets you do it all. Host carefree and let us handle everything for you, starting from registration to smooth stream.

Let’s do it together

Experience the Most Real Virtual Event Platform

Share your brief with us and we shall work together to reach the best.

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